Families Are Losing Time

The time the incarceration crisis takes from America’s families can’t be replaced. Whether it’s one night or a lifetime, a missed holiday meal or a missed childhood, every family impacted by over-incarceration feels its negative effects.

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While short periods of incarceration and long prison sentences pose different challenges for families, both are far too common.

Families are losing too much time.


1 in 5 adults have had an immediate family member spend a month or less in jail or prison

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1 in 7 adults have had an immediate family member spend a year or more in jail or prison


1 in 34 has had an immediate family member spend 10 years or more in prison.

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Incarceration means family members miss out on milestones

like first steps

and the first anniversary

It also means a family member might miss important holidays,

over and over again

1 in 2 adults in America has had a family member in jail or prison.

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